Integrate Access Control Into Your Building Automation Systems For Big Benefits

March 14th, 2019

A building automation system can offer a unique approach to your company’s security, safety, and access control. A building automation system that is designed and implemented properly can be integrated with Little Rock video surveillance, fire safety, and access systems to provide complete protection for your building and the employees who work there. By combining building automation with an access control system, you have the power to enhance both your operations and your security in several ways.

It Makes Gathering Information Easier 

When you integrate your access control system into a primary building automation setup, it lets you collect data on the movements of your employees. It also, however, provides the benefit of tracking guests who visit your facilities. This allows you to manage any safety concerns. By tracking movements, you can position fire alarms, surveillance cameras, and other components to maximize safety.

Collecting information on the ways in which your employees and guests are moving through your facilities lets you deploy all resources effectively. You can protect the right area from unwanted entry and other risks to the workplace.

It Helps You Save Energy

Connecting access controls with your building automation gives you the information you need to help you manage your HVAC system. Heating and cooling can be adjusted for savings in areas that are rarely used, or in places that are empty during off-peak hours. An integrated system can help provide you with information that can show you the areas that need help maintaining a consistent temperature to keep employees comfortable. All of this can pay off in lower heating and cooling bills for your Little Rock business.

Enhances Safety And Improves Security 

Linking your commercial fire alarm system to your building automation and access control systems ensures the safest environment possible for your employees. It means you’ll have the quickest response times for fire safety personnel.  Access control systems can also give you clear information about any employees or guests who might still be in the facility if an emergency event occurs so you can take steps to rescue them from dangerous conditions.

Connecting your security systems, Little Rock video surveillance, and access controls gives you the highest degree of security for your business. It allows you to track all entries or exits from your facility. It tells you when unauthorized people enter secure areas in the building. This allows you to take swift action to protect the property and the people who work there.  

Choose The Plan That Works For You

It’s important to work with a company that provides integrated security systems that provide the most protection. The best automated security system will not only protect your Little Rock office building, it will protect the employees who work there. Choose a plan that connects your building automation, access control, and security system together perfectly. Keeping your business and your employees safe from unwanted intrusions, fires, and other hazardous situations is what automated security systems do best.