Different Businesses Have Different Security Needs

March 21st, 2019

Every person is different, and so is every business that operates in Little Rock, AR. What this means is that, in addition to having different priorities for how to make a profit, there may also be different needs when it comes to securing the premises. After all, an outdoor swimming pool that is attractive to teenagers is more concerned with a different type of security than a gas station.

So what this means for the typical Little Rock, AR business is that while security is always going to be a concern, there may be very distinct, unique security needs that a different business has. This variance may be in part due to size, but just as often, the function of a business also determines the security requirements. Here are three examples of different businesses that would benefit from different “security bundles” to address the concerns.


When it comes to desirable consumer products, it’s no wonder that retail businesses have some very specific security needs. Among the other items unique to retail are security mechanisms like:

Electronic Article Surveillance

With so many products on shelves or racks, an EAS is a system that tracks individual merchandise and sets off an alarm if goods are moved beyond the range of the sensor system. Electronic security tags applied products is one example of an EAS system.

Panic Buttons

Employees may need to have a safe, hidden way of notifying law enforcement in the event that a robbery takes place. 

Office Complexes

For an office situation, there might not be as many customer security concerns, but there are still major issues that need to be focused on, such as:

Managed Network Services

Cybersecurity is always a major concern, especially when crucial, sensitive data needs to be protected from theft, duplication or “ransomware” attempts. Without a secure network, an office is extremely vulnerable.


Unauthorized personnel lurking around the office property, or in the parking areas, where employees may be at risk are far less likely with lighting solutions—often paired with surveillance cameras—that deter intruders. Easy identification tends to make intruders less likely to loiter.

Clinical Facilities

Medical facilities of all types face very specific security concerns that are unique to this industry. Sadly, in some cases, it’s not just external threats that require security measures.

Access Control

With valuables such as antibiotics, as well as other pharmaceuticals that have a street value on the black market, as recreational drugs, access control systems can be critical. Access control deters casual theft, and tracks who exactly is accessing supplies and when which also helps to deter employee crime.

Smart Thermostats

Unlike most other businesses, pharmaceuticals are extremely sensitive products who’s viability and effectiveness can be compromised by being stored at incorrect temperatures. This is a very distinct form of security, but vital for medical supplies.

It’s important always to research the distinct needs your business may have in Little Rock, AR for security. Without that understanding, you leave yourself vulnerable to intrusion and theft from methods you didn’t expect. Always make sure your security measures meet your needs.