Dome Cameras Are A Perfect Fit For Grocery Stores

February 27th, 2019

There’s no question that the Little Rock area is home to many different types of businesses. But among the most important – and the most common – is certainly the grocery store. Groceries are a staple item, something that everyone needs. But it can still take some effort to keep your grocery store profitable.

The Importance of Loss Prevention
Loss prevention is one of the single most important aspects of keeping your business profitable. Every shoplifting incident costs an average of $559 and leads to billions in lost revenues around the world.  And the incidence of robberies and burglaries are actually up 8.6% since 2016. Add in the fact that roughly 1 out of every 11 people are shoplifters and it becomes clear that preventing this issue is a must for any grocery store owner.

And when it comes to preventing and stopping shoplifting, few things are as effective as the use of dome cameras. Installing cameras in your property can not only help deter shoplifters, but can also prevent employee theft as well. And in the event that a theft does occur, your cameras can often help you determine who took the merchandise and even serve as a way to press charges and prove guilt in a criminal case.

Simply put, you need to be able to protect your Little Rock grocery store, and a good security system with the right cameras will have a big impact on doing just that.

A Sleek Solution
 One of the absolute best ways to keep your Little Rock grocery store protected is to use dome cameras. These cameras offer numerous benefits, and since today’s systems can be installed totally wirelessly, you can install a series of cameras and link them to your online system to be monitored as you see fit.

Today’s cameras have DVR technology built in and provide high-resolution videos. And just installing a few cameras in the right location is all it takes to cover virtually every inch of your store, reducing not only shoplifting but also employee theft.

These dome cameras capture real-time video and can be logged into from any device with an online connection. Then, you can view recorded video and monitor live feeds as well. This gives you more power and control over your theft prevention, lets you gather evidence if you need to pursue criminal charges, and more. Plus, you can use the cameras as a deterrent – criminals recognize what these cameras are, and will be less likely to steal just because they know that they are present.

Protect Your Store’s Future

Simply put, the future of your store depends tremendously upon your ability to reduce costs and keep your profits high. And making sure that you protect your Little Rock grocery store and the goods within it is one of the key ways to keep the future bright. Luckily, the right dome cameras can have a huge impact on just that. We take pride in helping our clients protect their business. Contact us today to learn more about our cameras and our security options.