Risks Utilization and Security in Business IOT

May 16th, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way many of us do business in Little Rock because we find ourselves collecting more and more actionable data so we can improve and conduct the appropriate preventative maintenance for our business software.

With businesses utilizing this kind of technology, however, we also see a higher number of cyber attacks. We need to take a much closer look at how IoT is affecting our data security and what we can do to keep our business and data safe from cybercriminals and hackers.

IoT and Data Security

IoT devices are being used more and more to generate and host data which opens it up for more hackers attempting to steal this sensitive data. Companies that are generating and hosting data need to find IoT device manufacturers that meet more than just the minimum security standards.

Securing Your IoT Devices

Data including financials, employee records, and consumer payment information are all examples of sensitive data that need to be protected from hackers. Therefore, we have compiled a list of a few things to help you protect and secure your data and your IoT devices in Little Rock, AR:

  • Regular maintenance is important for all IoT devices, and this also includes patching and upgrading
  • Stay in communication with everyone who has access to your IoT devices
  • Consult with someone that has immense experience securing sensitive data for businesses
  • Display any features that you simply don't need like automatic Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. These features aren't necessarily needed for IoT devices
  • Follow best practices for password management
  • Ensure encrypted network communications and password protection before making any purchases
  • If it is possible, you should isolate all your IoT devices to a secondary network which can help keep hackers away from your primary data network
  • Make sure your business has a clear and straightforward cybersecurity policy in place. Make regular updates and revisions as needed to this policy and compensate for when the technology you are using begins to evolve

IoT Security

IoT security focuses on offering protection for all your internet-enabled devices that connect on your wireless network. While you may not be able to completely stop an attack from happening to you, there are still ways you can mitigate these threats to your network security while effectively protecting your valuable and sensitive data and IT systems. Following some of the tips above can also help block these vulnerable systems from experiencing any outside interference.

The Key Principles of Security

When discussing security, the three goals to keep in mind are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. You want to do everything you can to protect the confidentiality of the data while also doing what you can to protect the integrity of that data and promoting the availability of that data for those who have been permitted to access it.

To ensure your security, make sure that all your software is up to date and your devices are being regularly monitored and implement a firewall and use an intrusion detection system (IDS).

If you allow your employees to bring in their own devices, make sure to impose a policy to ensure that those devices are also secured and properly maintained to avoid any problems with the security of your own devices in Little Rock, AR.