Small Business Security

April 11th, 2019

Running a small business in a Little Rock, AR is always going to be a tough balance between spending money and making money. And one of those areas where many people are tempted to cut a few corners is when it comes to security.

In some ways, however, security for your Little Rock, AR is one of your cornerstones for success. When you work hard to make money, the last thing you want is for someone to benefit from your effort by simply taking what you’ve worked so hard to build. So where do you focus your security concerns if you’re not made out of money? It all depends on what kind of small business you’re running.

Security Cameras

If you run a retail business, such as a convenience store, clothing store, or any business with physical products on shelves, then theft is always a big concern. Security cameras are a great way to put eyes everywhere in your store and discourage theft. Even if theft does occur, the security footage can be used to warn you ahead of time of what has occurred. It can even be used as evidence if you wish to press charges. These are the many reasons why security cameras have always been important for retail businesses.

Network Security

Even if your business doesn’t sell physical products to the public, and you provide services to other people, security is still important. In this case, however, network security is what you should be maintaining. When you perform services for other people, you may be creating confidential work, as well as handling sensitive information, such as getting financial data from clients in the form of credit card or bank account numbers.

You want to make sure that your network security is properly protected, because if anyone can break into your system, not only can they seize control of your computer, they can manipulate the data. Some data can be maliciously deleted, or it can be duplicated for identity theft, such as using credit card numbers. In other cases, “data hostage” techniques mean you are blocked off from access to your data unless you pay the ransom. Protect your network!


All businesses should think about investing in an alarm system. The best time for a theft to occur is when no one is there. If you don’t have an alarm system, even if you have a security camera system in place, you won’t know your property has been robbed until you arrive the next day.

Good security systems will notify the police or security service, meaning you get a response much faster.

Access Control

Ensuring your doors are only accessible to the right people is another good measure. Locks on your entrance are always good, but if you have a supply room, storage room, office, or another area, an electronic lock that operates on a keycard or numeric code system helps to authorize, identify and track movements in and out of employee areas.

These security measures, properly implemented in your Little Rock, AR small business, can make a big difference in keeping your investments safe.