The Impact Of Warehouse Security Camera Systems On Your Profits

January 18th, 2019

The Impact Of Warehouse Security Camera Systems On Your Profits 

Your decision to install security camera systems in your Little Rock, AR warehouse could mean a big difference – the difference between profits and success and situations of loss or devastation. Your warehouse is where you house some of your business’ most important assets, and it’s always important to keep it amply protected. While it’s true that the average warehouse stores a lot of inventory, and they’re filled with nooks and crannies outside of the regular line of vision, that doesn’t mean they’re not a match for today’s modern security camera systems. 

Eliminating loss increases profits, and this is no secret to any business owner. What your security system will do is give you your best defense against inventory loss, and your best tool for maximizing the profits you can make from your products and your stock. 

How Do Surveillance Camera Systems Increase Security? 

A great surveillance camera system can increase security in your Little Rock, AR warehouse in a variety of ways. Some specific real-world examples include: 

  • Snapshot motion alerts and video notifications – When you lock up the warehouse for the night, you’re left simply hoping nothing happens. No one is around to make sure of this, and even if you have hired security, a single burglar or two can make themselves pretty invisible to human eyes in a large warehouse area in the dark. Today’s motion alert tech, however, sees what the human eye cannot, and alerts you on your smartphone or with an email whenever motion has been detected, alongside a clip of the footage. This technology can be configured to eliminate animal and wind movement, so it only catches the important stuff. 
  • Camera-down alerts – If a burglar, or employee, tries to cut the connection to your camera surveillance system, you’ll be notified. A common way criminals attempt to bypass security cameras is by disconnecting cameras before they carry out any crime they have in mind, but camera down alerts send you an alert at any time signal is lost. 
  • Remote viewing from anywhere – Whether you’re at home after a long day, you’re trying to check in while on vacation, or you want to see if employees are slacking on company time, remote viewing from anywhere keeps your eyes at the warehouse no matter where you may be. Using a laptop or smartphone, you can access your camera footage from any place you have internet access. 

Peace Of Mind And Prosperous Profits 

Your warehouse security camera system helps you out in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it provide peace of mind, with capabilities unheard of in security systems even just 10 short years ago. Next, by keeping your warehouse and its contents safe, it helps to give you an effective tool in combating profit loss, either by theft, by employee misbehavior, or by vandalism and damage. In some instances, just knowing a security camera system is present is enough to deter criminals and mischief makers from acting on their intentions at all.