Does Your Home Need An Outdoor Security Camera?

February 6th, 2019

Does Your Home Need An Outdoor Security Camera?

Most houses don’t come with a built-in camera system.  While access control is part of every modern building code (in the form of locks on doors and latches on windows), most people will have to buy and install their own security cameras and alarm systems if they want them.  So what’s the benefit of getting a camera or two to watch your property’s exterior?

The Benefits Of Outdoor Cameras

  • A visible camera with warnings attached to windows can be an effective way to deter thieves.  Even if they know how to deal with security systems, they may look for an easier target.

  • Package and property tracking.  Sometimes people will steal things right from your front door or off your lawn, and a security camera will let you know when this happens and record who does it.
  • Recorded footage helps the police identify, catch, and prosecute criminals, and recordings can also come in handy if you need to bring someone to court and the camera caught the incident.

What To Look For In An Outdoor Camera

  • Weather resistance.  Indoor cameras don’t have to deal with much, but outdoor cameras may have to deal with sun exposure, wind and blown debris, rain, hail, and snow.        Make sure the camera casing you choose can stand up to whatever Little Rock, AR’s climate can throw at it.

  • Power source.  A wired connection is more stable, but someone can cut the cable.  A battery-powered camera is more mobile and independent, but you need to replace the batteries regularly to avoid gaps in coverage.
  • Footage quality.  High-quality HD or Ultra HD footage lets you see more of what’s going on and can capture more important details.  However, the footage takes up more space and uses up more bandwidth as it transmits.
  • Recording method.  Some cameras record 24/7 so long as it has power and a signal.  Others will only turn on when they sense movement.
  • Spectrums recorded.  Some cameras only capture visible light, and they’ll need a good set of outdoor lights to see everything.  Other cameras can record low-light footage or the infrared spectrum, but they can be much more expensive.

Where To Place An Outdoor Camera

Every camera comes with a cost, including the one-time cost of buying it and the persistent cost of keeping it powered and recording its footage.  That’s why it’s important to make the best use of each camera, especially since you may have to cover a wide area with only a handful of cameras.  There are a few tips to keep in mind:  placing cameras high lets you see a larger area, and watching important locations like sheds and doorways is more important than covering every last square inch of your property.

While outdoor cameras aren’t standard on most homes, plenty of homeowners install a set.   They offer peace of mind since you can know what’s going on even when you aren’t there, plus they can come in handy even if you don’t suffer from a serious burglary.  With the right design and the perfect placement, a few outdoor cameras can do wonders for keeping your home safe and secure.