How Can Your Smartphone Protect You While Traveling?

January 9th, 2019

How Can Your Smartphone Protect You While Traveling? 

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We appreciate that we can have our entire life at the palm of our hands, with us wherever we go. One of the ways that you can use this to your advantage is with your home security system. Many home security features now offer remote accessibility features, which gives you access to them anytime, anywhere. Below, you’ll find a few of the latest pieces of equipment that provide remote accessibility.


Many light systems connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other similar programs. They also come with a smartphone app that allows you to access them from anywhere. This gives users the ability to:

  • Dim the lights
  • Turn the lights on
  • Turn the lights off

Say you are stuck in a meeting and won’t be home until the sun goes down. If there are no lights on in your home, intruders will know that you’re not home and could potentially target your house. With smart lights, you can access the app from your smartphone and turn the lights on remotely, giving the appearance as though you’re home to help keep you safe.


Many locks now offer smartphone integration, allowing you to open and close your doors from anywhere. How many times have you left work in a hurry and wondered if you locked the door? Now, this is no longer a problem. Using your smartphone, you can check to make sure the door is locked. If it’s not, you can secure the doors immediately with the push of a button.

This could also be critical for pet owners. No longer do you have to worry about giving your key to a neighbor when you go away. With smart locks, you can tell the neighbor that you’ll unlock the door at a particular time so that they can enter the home and care for your pet. This could also prove beneficial in the scenario where you stuck in work late. Even if your neighbor didn’t have a spare key, you could let them into your home instantly.

Security Cameras 

Modern security cameras also come with remote integration. When logging into a mobile application, Little Rock homeowners can view their camera feeds. Many homeowners choose to connect the cameras to a motion sensor. If something were to trigger the motion sensor, the homeowner would receive an alert immediately on their phone asking them if they’d like to view the camera feed. If they see an intruder, they could contact the authorities.

Remote camera access could also prove beneficial for parents who are fearful of leaving their children with a babysitter. Worrisome parents can now check in on their children from anywhere by using their phone, allowing them to put their minds at ease.


Many companies now produce video doorbells with video access. These operate the same way as security cameras. When someone rings the doorbell, the homeowner will receive a notification on their phone. They can they tap into the video feed and even talk to the individual at the door by using their phone.