The Most Essential Features Of Any Home Security System

April 4th, 2019

Home security can involve sensors, locks, automated systems, and more.  A few come standard with every modern home in Little Rock, AR, such as deadbolts and smoke detectors.  However, if you want more security features than that, you’ll have to buy them yourself.

So which security features should you get?  There are a lot of options on the market and a lot of places you can get them, including online shops, specialty stores, and security companies.  However, your budget probably can’t afford everything all at once, so you’ll have to set priorities and pick some features before you get others.  That’s why you should pick up the following security features first.

Motion Sensors

Motion and contact sensors are what an alarm system uses to detect intruders and set off the alarm.  Sensors placed in the doorframe and on the edge of a glass window can notice when someone has moved them or broken the glass.  You can also disarm these sensors by turning off the main alarm system so that you and your guests don’t set it off by accident.  In addition to entrances, some homeowners in Little Rock, AR also add motion or contact sensors to important safes or locked drawers that hold something valuable.

Central Monitoring

Every electronic security system is best off using a central monitoring station.  It’s too easy for an independent sensor or system to make a mistake or malfunction, setting off the alarm, and then you’ll have to find the sensor that went off and reset it.  A central system lets you monitor all the sensors at the same time, plus you can arm or disarm them all at once and reset the alarm if it triggers.  This also lets you turn over some security responsibilities to your security company since their experts can check sensor breeches while you’re asleep.

Wireless Communication

When you have a wire leading from cameras or sensors back to your central monitoring system, burglars who know what they’re doing can cut them and disable the security system.  However, if your sensors use battery power and a remote wireless connection to communicate, the thieves will have nothing to cut.  Of course, it’s possible to jam or hack a wireless connection, but doing this is much harder than cutting a wire.  Burglars tend to prefer easy targets, so while no security system is perfect, making it harder to crack means that fewer burglars will bother to try.

There are other important aspects of home security, such as upgraded access control systems like electronic locks, flood sensors, and surveillance systems like indoor and outdoor cameras.  However, a basic security system for a residential home should have motion sensors, a central monitoring station, and wireless connections that protect the system from burglars with wire cutters.  Once you have all three in place, you can start building up a new budget to add more security features to your home in Little Rock, AR and integrating them with your existing systems by using a security company’s master control app.