When Does A Security Gate Make Sense?

March 7th, 2019

For people that live in Little Rock, AR security may sometimes be a concern. No matter how desirable an area is, just because someplace is a “good neighborhood” that doesn’t mean that crime doesn’t exist. And in some cases, for people that live in less dense suburbs or even rural areas, the lines from one property to another property invasion becomes even easier, when there’s more property to secure.

This is one of the reasons why residents of Little Rock, AR, may want to consider getting a security gate. As an active, physical barrier that is placed at the front of a property, a security gate acts as a first, effective line of defense against people entering your property without your permission. But when would you need this?

A Property With Assets

If you have a larger property with additional fixtures added, a security gate is a perfect way to protect your investment. Properties with swimming pools, elaborate landscaping, outdoor kitchens, or an extensive treehouse for the kids will be very attractive not just to thieves, but to children in the neighborhood as a well. A security gate ensures that trespassers—especially little ones, that don’t yet understand the concept of private property—don’t end up where they shouldn’t be, and, worst of all, come to harm while unsupervised. A property owner may be legally responsible for, under “attractive nuisance” premises liability laws if children get hurt unsupervised on the property.

Beautify A Property

Done right, a security gate is not just a means of securing a property; it can also be something that increases the “curb appeal” and appearance of a home. Gates are useful and utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean that they have to look strictly functional. Those willing to invest in a security gate can do a bit of research to find something that helps to improve the look of the property and manages to add value to the property itself both as a security mechanism and as an aesthetic structure, just like the home itself.

More Control

Security gates, when augmented with the right security accessories, can even give property owners better information and control over their property. Security cameras and electronic locks that operate on keypads, or other systems are great for added information.

Now when someone arrives at or leaves a property, data recorded on gate cameras and locks can record an image of visitors, and even relay the time and date of entry, attempted but failed entry and an exit. This can be important for investigative purposes, and when it comes to gathering evidence in court, additional information such as security footage can be crucial in getting a conviction by providing hard evidence to corroborate from.

If you’ve worked hard in Little Rock, AR, and you have a property you’re proud of and value, then invest in its security and your home safety. A security gate is a very effective barrier in preventing unwanted entry, but modern gates offer much greater control and flexibility that has real benefits for property owners.