The Benefits Of A Wireless Home Security System

December 31st, 2018

For many years, installers had to drill holes, dig ditches, and run wires as that was the only way to get a security system installed. However, times have changed, and while wired options are still available, more and more people are choosing to go with wireless home security systems. Why? There are lots of reasons as to why folks are going this route. For one, it is a much cheaper alternative.

The cameras are more affordable than their wired counterparts. They are a lot simpler to install too, which cuts down on labor costs. Plus, the units are reliable and dependable. Doing nothing and hoping that a burglar doesn't strike isn't the best practice to take. Research from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that an estimated 3.7-million burglaries happened each year from 2003 to 2007. Residents shouldn't delay any longer. Instead, they should install a wireless home security system today.

Reasons To Own A Wireless Home Security System

1. Move The Cameras As Needed

Wired cams cannot be merely picked up and moved. They can't be installed in different places without running new wires. However, surveillance needs do change from time to time. Therefore, the property owner needs to have equipment that that is easy to relocate from one location to the next without much effort. Wireless cameras can prove to be the ideal solutions. For instance, if something has been going on in a dark spot near the garage, the device can merely be transferred so that all of the action can be caught on video. With any luck, it will only be raccoons tipping over the trash cans and not a burglar, but still, being able to move the camera gives you the ability to see what the disturbance is for yourself.

2. Control The System From Your Smartphone

The majority of today's wireless security systems are compatible with smartphones and tablets. Hard-wired models typically have control panels inside the home that can be dismantled by criminals cutting wires around the outside perimeter. Thus, with a quick little snip, they are in and out with nobody being the wiser. Meanwhile, those with wireless systems know what is going on at all times, even when they are away from the house. If the system detects an intruder or disturbance, a notification is sent to the owner’s device. In turn, the person can contact the appropriate authorities and get them on their way promptly.

3. No Electricity

A wireless security system doesn't rely on electricity to function. Rather, the equipment is battery powered. Therefore, if the power goes out in the neighborhood, your home remains adequately protected. This is a huge draw for a lot of consumers. After all, most criminals like to strike under cover of darkness. Citizens shouldn't leave things to chance as they never know when a blackout might occur. Instead, they need to consider a wireless security system to assure that their home is secure regardless of what is going on with the lights.